Coronavirus Demands Harvard’s Leadership – Harvard Crimson

Some universities stepped up early with courageous commitments to open up their dorms and other facilities to meet the urgent need for added healthcare capacity to cope with the COVID-19 crisis. Tufts and Middlebury were notable front-runners in meeting this challenge. Harvard was slow to consider similar action or, at least, to let the university community know what might be undertaken. I wrote this piece in late March as a concerned alum, and was joined by many in writing letters calling on university officials act and inform.

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Solar Grows but Market Share is Low – Wall St. Journal

In this letter, I take issue with Phred Dvorak’s use of solar’s installed capacity as a basis for proclaiming that this renewable technology could become “the world’s largest energy source” by 2040. Solar’s total installed gigawatts may surpass other electric power sources in the coming decades but that does not necessarily mean it will eclipse fossil fuels in the electricity it produces. Dvorak’s article invites undue complacency about the policies and investments needed to make a wholesale shift to renewable energy.

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Reckless Denial of our Climate Crisis: An Impeachable Offense? – Beacon Broadside

Though Congress has ample reason to impeach President Trump for his self-serving machinations in Ukraine, we all know that the Senate’s blind Republican partisanship will block his removal from office. Given this inevitable outcome, it’s worth considering whether Congress could have targeted a far more consequential cause for impeachment: his utter failure to engage the climate crisis.

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Crescent Dunes is Hardly Typical of Green Energy Projects – Las Vegas Review Journal

Reacting to technical and managerial setbacks at a pioneering solar plant, the Las Vegas Review Journal issued a blanket condemnation of federal loan guarantees for renewable energy projects as a waste of taxpayer dollars. Countering this claim, I credit the loan guarantee program with catalyzing a whole new era of utility-scale power generation based on renewable energy resources.

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Really? More Nuclear at Pilgrim? – Boston Globe

The last thing Massachusetts needs is a new nuclear power complex eight times the size of the just-closed, problem-plagued Pilgrim plant in Plymouth. Yet that’s just what American University professor Joshua Goldstein proposed in his recent Globe op-ed. My letter points to the economic folly of this proposition and calls instead for a vigorous investment in renewables, storage, energy efficiency, and a smart grid.

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